Monday, December 6, 2010

Bearracuda weekend in Vancouver

So this weekend we went top Vancouver on the afternoon ferry on Friday. The event was Bearracuda.......a circuit party for bear men. We have never been to this type of event so this was a good first choice. To add to the event we met up with our friend Pam from Calgary who was in town for a course and just happened to be staying in the same hotel that we were.

such pretty lights at St Paul's Hospital

Lots of Santas
The party was fun and we got in at three in the morning. Not surprisingly we slept in till 11am then went into town for a breakfast and saw a whole lot of fact hundreds of them.

Then Pam danced with a lot of Santas.

And Yogi played with a bunch of other dogs.

We had a very nice sunset from our window.

But then things turned a little more subversive.

Then we didn't eat here.

And then we saw lots of trucks.

And then we got home and I spent a day getting things done round the house the next Monday.