Sunday, May 20, 2012

Here's a TED talk by Wade Davis about the Stikine

Planning a trip up North

 On the 9th of June we go on a short two week holiday up to Northern BC. Greg missed out on the trip I did up there with Mum two years ago and I really wanted to show him the place and also to get further up to Telegraph Creek and try get to the Spatsizi Plateau and try see Mnt Edziza and the Eve cone of an extinct volcano.

I got this book for Greg at Christmas and it is all about this area.

So our plan is to leave Saturday morning and get up to Whistler, then through Duffy Lake road up to Williams Lake. Then too Smithers and then up over the Skeena River to Stewart BC. our hope is to get up to the Salmon Glacier again but apparently there has been sop much snow this year that the terrifying road up there isn't open yet. We hope it will be by the time we get there in three weeks time. From Stewart we are off up the Cassier Highway to Dease Lake and then down on yet another of Canada's most dangerous roads to Telegraph Creek on the Stikine River. Here we will try and get a flight to the Mnt Edziza . This area is one of the most inaccessible areas of our province and so I am sure we will come home feeling very spoiled. To top it all off the pups will be with us so Baloo will get the feel for what it's like to live in our family.
 This is what the Spatsizi looks like.
 The Stikine river near Telegraph Creek.
Mnt Edziza with the dormant Eve Cone in the foreground.

Baloo arrives at home.

So on the 5th of May Greg picked up Baloo from Eva's house on Don Orr Road while I went off to Victoria with Yogi to trade in my old white ML320 and pick up my new silver ML550.
Yogi was very surprised that someone new was in the house when he arrived but soon after the two of them made best friends .

Baloo started running around with Greg's slipper as soon as he got home.

Big surprise at the little interloper.

Later that afternoon Yogi kept a good watch over the new little guy.

A New Puppy

Here's the first time we saw Baloo. Eva brought him to the office with a whole bunch of other pups for us to choose.
 He was always bigger than all the others.

 and also very sleepy

On March 15th Baloo was born. His Mum is Millie and his Dad is Riley. Millie is a Boxer cross American Bulldog and Riley is a big Boxer from Ontario. We wanted another dog to keep Yogi company and also so that the new dog would learn how to behave from Yogi. Baloo was the largest pup in the litter of 13...4 boys and 9 girls. He has a tail that is in docked and dew claws so you could say that he is au'naturel.