Monday, June 25, 2012

Dease Lake BC to Watson Lake Yukon

Baloo tired from planning today's trip to Watson Lake

Dease Lake goes on for ever and ever.....huge!

Mountains all the way up North.

amazing roads for travellers

We stopped at Jade City a small town totally devoted to the Jade industry. Most of the World's Jade has been depleted and now 95 % of the World's supply comes from Northern BC and most of it from the Cassiar Mountain.

Not long out of Jade City we saw this Red Fox sitting on the side of the road. Thinking this was a National geographic moment we stopped and got our cameras primed. The little guy appeared totally relaxed and came round to my side of the car when I opened my window. This was quite obviously his sneaky way of getting treats.....he was so calm he didn't even run away when I shooed him away. Anyways the pics were good.

more bear

at a recreation site we saw a bunch of Morrells drying

A big forest fire that threatened Watson Lake last year had created the ideal conditions for Morrells to fruit and there were hundreds of pickers in the forest......we bought a big stash of shrooms from one of the guys.

A pretty church just near Watson Lake

I bought a dehydrator to dry the shrooms

these motels in Watson Lake are dumps but charge the Earth since they are the only game in town.

who is responsible for the decor?

Watson Lake has stunning Aurora in the Winter but since it was the Summer Solstice we had 24 hours of light...very odd to experience that.

The main attraction in Watson Lake is the signpost park

They always seem to get their message of doom and gloom in somewhere.