Sunday, June 10, 2012

Whistler to Quesnell

Today was Greg's birthday and after the pup woke us up he took the dogs out for a walk on the ski slopes that are green and lush with Spring. The dandelions were just scrumptious so there was a black bear waiting to wish him Happy Birthday.
We went up through Pemberton and up Duffy Lake Road. This is a very beautiful drive through huge mountains with spectacular lakes. on the banks of the mountain streams we saw pretty orange columbines and lovely swaths of purple Lupines. As we got to Lillooit the sun can out and we climbed out of the Fraser Valley with its flooding river and decided to take the less driven route from Pavillion over the mountain to Clinton. This was a very hairy route only to be taken by the brave of heart. But along the way we did see a bunch of cowboys and cowgirls moving their animals from pasture to pasture. We drove through some very very untouched wilderness and were surprised by the strong smell of Sagebrush.
At Clinton we saw the Motel that Monsanto built and we found everything was for sale.....sort of a sad thing but we did spend some time wandering through an old things store that was quite fascinating. I felt sort of sad when we left that most of those things used to be other peoples' pride and joy once.
From there it was a long drive through Williams Lake to Quesnell. All along the way we had views of the Fraser River in flood since what with the heavy rains and the Spring runoff the gushing is very strong this year. Now we are at a motel that is in the centre of Quesnell but at least has a ground floor room that we can dash out with the pup when he wants to go outside. also we have the rugged man ambience of road workers, tow truck men and builder boys all around us smoking and texting their many girlfriends ......this is very interior BC. Now we are off for a walk next to the river and then a bite to eat and tomorrow a very nice drive up to Smithers.....lovely scenery.

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