Monday, June 25, 2012

Stewart BC and Hyder Alaska

The owner of the Ripley Creek Inn is a collector of old machinery and has  dotted them all over the grounds of the place.

There is a long wooden walkway out into the estuary in front of the town that gives a nice view of the Portland Canal in the distance.

We took a trip round the headland to the town of Hyder in Alaska....a population of 97 people

A little pink bicycle outside the pub.

I liked the cornices.

A long wooden bridge goes out of town into the Portland Canal.

A view back towards Stewart.....the pilings are from the original town that burnt down.

Greg didn't get "Hyderised" even though it looks like he did.

I had a nice spiced beer

We took a drive up the road out of Stewart and stopped off at Bear Lake

Some bears on the banks of the Bear River just below the Bear Glacier

considering that up to 120 feet of snow fall on the mountains each year  there are many of these ice falls out of the valleys

as the snow avalanches out it knocks over the trees near the road

the Bear Glacier flows into a larger valley where a massive glacier must have been 

Bear Glacier

one of the many hanging glaciers in the valley

some Indian Paintbrushes

main street the turn of the century the population was almost 10000 people but by the 1930s the population had dropped to 17 as mining dropped off

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